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Northwell offers total joint replacement surgery in outpatient setting

North Shore University Hospital.

Outpatient, total hip replacement surgery offered at Schwartz Ambulatory Center


Northwell Health is offering total hip replacement surgery at its Schwartz Ambulatory Center, part of North Shore University Hospital (NSUH). The procedure is performed in an outpatient surgical setting and does not require an overnight hospital stay. 

Nearly 300,000 people undergo total hip replacement surgery in the United States each year when hip pain cannot be relieved by other treatments. Until recently, most patients needed to have this complex procedure in a hospital. National trends in orthopedic surgery continue to shift to ambulatory facilities.

In line with this innovation, Schwartz Ambulatory Center offers patients a safe, highly advanced surgery and optimal pain management before and after the procedure. Short stay patients start their recovery at home and outpatient physical therapy is coordinated by Northwell.

“In order to have the best outcomes for same-day total joint replacement surgery, candidates for the procedure must be carefully selected,” said Nick Sgaglione, MD, chair of orthopedic surgery at Northwell Health. “Patients are evaluated for several possible risk factors –  associated medical issues, generalized health and fitness and how robust support is at home.”

Less invasive surgical technique used

For same day hip replacement surgery, the direct anterior approach is used. This refers to the surgery being done from in front of the hip, which is a less invasive surgical technique and requires less muscle tissue dissection. The anterior approach puts patients at less risk for dislocation and promotes faster recovery than conventional hip replacement surgery.

Building on the proven outcomes in the Orthopedic Department at NSUH and from the health system’s orthopedic team, Northwell has established a program to provide the safest and most effective same day total joint replacement surgery. Clinicians provide extensive preoperative education, rapid recovery protocols and close communication with the multidisciplinary team caring for the patient. The first total hip replacement was done at Schwartz Ambulatory Center on Feb. 11, and this follows several total shoulder replacement surgeries which began in 2018.

Expansive same day total joint replacement surgery services available

Dr. Sgaglione said increased advances in pharmaceuticals also play a key role in the surgical process and recovery. “We are better able to optimally treat pain with select anesthetic blocks,” he said. “After surgery, we have more effective alternatives to opioids for pain management and less side effects. Northwell is committed to providing the highest quality orthopedic surgery to our patients, while offering patients the comfort and familiarity of being home with family to recover.”

Northwell has plans to expand same day total joint replacement surgery, including hip, shoulder and knee, to other ambulatory surgery centers in its network. For more information about the Same Day Joint Program at the Schwartz Ambulatory Center, please call 516-562-4865, or online at: