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A doctor performing a neurological reflex test on a patient.
Comprehensive care that's focused on you
Our experts in Parkinson’s disease and movement disorders provide patient-centered care that’s also family-centric. That means our team is here to meet your specific needs—as well as those of your loved ones—from diagnosis to treatment and beyond.

A multidisciplinary team with extensive expertise

At North Shore University Hospital, we understand that a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease or a movement disorder can be difficult. It is a lifelong, progressive illness that affects not only the person with the condition, but also his or her spouse, family, friends and caregivers. Our multidisciplinary team is here to help—and it includes world-renowned, specialty-trained and board-certified neurosurgeons and neurologists, as well as nurse practitioners, nurses, neuropsychologists and social workers. We work closely with Northwell’s Rehabilitation Network, which includes occupational, physical, speech and other therapists, who are all dedicated to helping people with Parkinson’s disease or other movement disorders lead active and satisfying lives.

If you’re having significant disability with your movement disorder despite the use of medication management, you may be a candidate for deep brain stimulation (DBS). With dedicated functional neurosurgeons who specialize in DBS for movement disorders, North Shore University Hospital offers patients a safe and effective surgical procedure for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease and essential tremor.


Our specialists are at the forefront of research, continually searching to find the best new treatment for Parkinson’s disease and movement disorders. We are among world leaders in developing advanced imaging diagnostic tests that can help establish early diagnosis or detect different patterns of disease progression, as well as in conducting research related to the medical and surgical treatments of Parkinson’s disease and the causes of Parkinson’s, including genetic factors.


Sakshi Bajaj, MD

Specialties: Neurology

Alessandro Di Rocco, MD

Specialties: Neurology

Martin Heinrich Niethammer, MD, PhD

Specialties: Neurology

Ritesh Ramdhani, MD

Specialties: Neurology

Michael Schulder, MD

Vice Chairman of Neurosurgery, Long Island Jewish Medical Center

Vice Chairman of Neurosurgery, North Shore University Hospital

Specialties: Neurological Surgery

David Barrett Weintraub, MD

Specialties: Neurological Surgery
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