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About us

With the integration of the cardiac surgery program from Long Island Jewish Medical Center to the North Shore University Hospital campus, the Sandra Atlas Bass Heart Hospital was born. We are raising the standard of cardiac care and have established ourselves as a preferred destination for exceptional care for cardiology and cardiac surgery.

Our specialized cardiac care ranges from preventive medicine to treatments for coronary disease, valve disease, irregular heart rhythms and advanced heart failure. And after an extensive on site review, the heart transplant program at the Heart Hospital—in partnership with Maimonides Medical Center (an affiliate of Northwell Health)—was approved by the New York State Public Health and Health Planning Council. This extraordinary milestone makes us the first and only full-service destination for heart transplantation in Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island and across all of Northwell. Our health system treats more heart failure patients than any of the state's heart transplant centers. And our team of cardiac surgeons has combined experience of more than 500 transplants.

We also are one of the first in the region to offer TAVR (transcatheter aortic valve replacement)—a minimally invasive heart valve procedure. Similar to a technique used to implant cardiac stents into clogged arteries, TAVR involves a physician guiding a catheter through an artery to your heart with an artificial valve attached. The valve expands and is anchored inside the aorta and blood flow is restored.

5-star patient experience

Our patients' comfort—and that of their loved ones—is important to us, so we make sure their care experience is as pleasant and seamless as possible. This includes offering amenities like complimentary valet parking, curbside registration, concierge services and a separate hospital entrance.

When you’re in the hospital, we have cardiologists available 24/7—that means day or night, we are ready to care for you and help get you back on your feet. The Heart Hospital is the first and only in the region to offer this round-the-clock service for testing and procedures that are typically done during normal business hours—so you don’t have to wait in the hospital and you get the care you deserve as quickly as possible.  

And your exceptional patient care experience doesn't stop when you leave through our doors. Our Follow Your Heart program is a free, optional home care service where nurse practitioners and physician assistants help keep you where you’re most comfortable—at home.

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