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The Alvin and Dorothy Schwartz Ambulatory Surgery Center at North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset encompasses seven state-of-the-art operating rooms with a modern and efficient recovery area, presurgical testing program and a comfortable waiting area. Close to 10,000 ambulatory surgical procedures are performed each year in this modern setting. More than 350 surgeons make use of this center for some or all of their ambulatory cases.

The center is dedicated to the safest, most comfortable experience for patients undergoing ambulatory surgery. A specialized staff focuses on each patient, ensuring the best of patient outcomes. A wide range of surgical procedures, encompassing general surgery, plastic surgery and pediatric surgery are performed on-site. A mammogram unit is located in the facility to allow for the full range of breast surgery techniques.

If needed, patient transfer to the main hospital is easily accomplished. All emergency equipment necessary is located in the unit, guaranteeing that patients enjoy the highest standards of care and monitoring during their operation.

Additional ambulatory surgery services are available at the Northwell Health Ambulatory Surgery Center.