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Our region's premier destination for specialized health care
North Shore University Hospital is committed to providing the highest quality care in many specialties, promoting health education for future generations of healthcare professionals, and relentlessly searching for new advances in medicine.

Setting the standard of health care

North Shore University Hospital is one of the cornerstones of Northwell Health, providing the full spectrum of clinical healthcare services for patients of all ages. Our renowned services include advanced neurosurgical care; a nationally recognized heart program at the Sandra Atlas Bass Heart Hospital; and an organ transplant center that provides heart, kidney, and soon to come, liver transplants. 

We also offer a wide range of specialty and subspecialty residency programs, postgraduate training programs and clinical fellowships for research and education. 

It's this enduring commitment to extraordinary, patient-based care that has helped us become recognized as the regional leader in specialized healthcare services.

Exterior shot of North Shore University Hospital
Imagine the possibilities

We’re trusted to provide critical care when it matters most, and we bring the same passion to everything else we do. It’s no wonder more patients choose us than any other hospital on Long Island.

Quality and Outcomes

Honors and awards

North Shore University Hospital is proud to have been awarded many prestigious distinctions.

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Northwell Health currently sponsors more than 120 residency and fellowship programs. By educating our trainees in a highly efficient, patient-centric environment, we are helping to advance the field of medicine.

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In the news
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